Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tink and the Car (Another poem by Gargi)

My racing car is a fantastic pet.
it is as pink as a Barbie set.
One day I was playing with it
and it accidentally fell in a pit.
It was really really bad
and it made me really really sad.
Because the fall broke the car
I wished it would get fixed on a shinning star
Sleepless I went to bed that night
and was surprised to see a bright green light
there was a pixie fixing my car
She had her green instruments filled in a green jar.
The pixie, Tink, made my car look like neew
but she vanished before I could say "Thank you".


  1. Hi Gargi, It is so nice to read two of your poems. They are just wonderful. Pooja why don't you insert visuals there? Would love to read more of Gargi's poems.

    Tai (Jiji)

  2. Gargi ji,
    Bahut sundar kavita hai apkee. isamen ap koi chitr bhee lagayen to aur achchhee lagegee.meree shubhakamnayen apke sath hain.
    Hemant Kumar