Thursday, May 14, 2009


Dear Gargi,

Do you know what I want the most?
I would love to go see a ship on the coast.

I would like to fly
far far away in the beautiful blue sky,
and play with the clouds, white and grey,
and also enjoy the first rain spray.

Do you know what I would like the best?
I would love to make a beautiful nest.

I would like to chirp and sing
and enjoy the blossoms in the spring
and search for fairies, pixies and gnomes
and also visit their tiny little homes.

There are still many adventures and things I plan to do
you will come and share these with me, won't you?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wishes Come True

This is a story written by me, but its Gargi's version of her favourite Disney princess, Sleeping Beauty. (It had to be my first blog here.... :) )

Story No. 1 – Sleeping Beauty
Chapter 1

One day Sleeping Beauty and her father go out for a walk. Then the King said, “Let’s go back to the castle.” Sleeping beauty said no and then she wanted this wish to come true. “Let my father say OK, let’s walk a little bit.” Then the king said, “Let’s walk a little bit. Come on!” “Ok. Come on!” said Sleeping Beauty.

Then they reached the witch’s castle. She was a bad witch. She didn’t like kind people. She screamed at them and put them in the jail. “What are you doing in my castle?” said the bad witch and Sleeping Beauty ran away. And her father was put in a jail.

Sleeping Beauty ran and ran and she ran even faster. She reached the woods. “Where am I? I am in the woods, is it?” said Sleeping Beauty. “Then, how will I go home?” Then she found a magical butterfly. It came automatically to Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty said, “Did I wish?” Then Sleeping Beauty said, “Yes!” She was very happy. Butterfly’s wings were made of all different colours. Then Sleeping Beauty plucked colours – orange, red, light pink and dark pink – from the butterfly’s wings. Then she put it on her eyes. The butterfly said, “You have to put it on your head.” Then she put the colour on her head. And then she saw a map appear in the air before her eyes. The butterfly said, “Do you live in the kind Queen’s castle or the bad witch’s castle?” Sleeping Beauty said, “No, I live with the kind Queen.” “There’s the kind Queen’s castle. Go there.” said the butterfly. “Ok.” said Sleeping Beauty.

Then she ran to the castle. She wished that her aunty, the bad witch, was kind. The fairies tapped and listened to what Sleeping Beauty said. “Boom, boom, what ever her wish is, let it come true.” said the fairies. Then the wish came true. Then her aunty became kind and let the king go. And Sleeping Beauty lived happily ever after.